Divisional Commissioner, Patna Division
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Patna Division

Commissioner's Desk

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The website of the division was launched on 15th August 2009. On the occasion the statement issued by Sri Sunil Barthwal, Commissioner is : - 

   "On this historic occasion of the Independence Day, i.e. the 15th August 2009, we are happy to dedicate this website to all those who believe that open communication with the civil society is the essential duty of a sensitive administration.

The ever advancing technology gives us the undeniable advantage to be a better communicator and facilitator to the people whose lives we are supposed to bring some difference to.
We sincerely hope that this site help us improve the information flow to the public, bring greater transparency in our actions and bring essential openness in all of our activities.

This is only a humble beginning and we are sure that with your frank feedback and sumptuous supports we will make this site a wonderful place to share information and ideas.

Hope this achieves a meaningful and fruitful traverse between you and us."