• Q. How can I book space in Gandhi Maidan or hall/ premise of Sri Krishna Memorial Hall?
    Ans. Booking of space in Gandhi Maidan and hall/ premise in Sri Krishna Memorial Hall can be done through online mode at http://www.patnadivision.bih.nic.in/sksvs.

  • Q. What is the allotment fee for Gandhi Maidan and Sri Krishna Memorial Hall?
    Ans. There are four different fee slabs for Commercial, Non-Commercial, Religious and Political functions in Gandhi Maidan and there are two fee slabs for Government and Non- Government functions in Sri Krishna Memorial Hall. Detail fee structure can be seen at http://www.patnadivision.bih.nic.in/sksvs which is revisable from time to time.

  • Q. How much is the time taken for final completion of booking procedure?
    Ans. For due completion of all office procedure following the online application, it would take approximately 15 days for Gandhi Maidan and 7 days for Sri Krishna Memorial Hall.

  • Q. When can I start preparation of the function, in case I am allotted space in Gandhi Maidan, and when am I supposed to complete dismantling of the structure?
    Ans. Preparation of function, erection of structure and dismantling of structure is to be done within the allotted period itself. Any such violation would invite suitable penalty and necessary action.

  • Q. What are the parameters on which allotment is done?
    Ans. Allotment of space in Gandhi Madan or hall/premise in Sri Krishna Memorial Hall is done subject to availability of the same. In case of more than one application received for the same venue and time, priority would be given to government function if such any, as per decision/direction of Samiti. All such decisions in such matter are taken by The Commissioner, Patna Division as Chairman of Samiti.

  • Q. Once the allotment is done, can it be altered, amended or cancelled?
    Ans. Though not usually, yet the Samiti for any unforeseen reason/s can alter, amend or cancel allotment.

  • Q. How can I enroll myself for gym or karate training centre established in Gandhi Maidan and Sri Krishna memorial hall respectively?
    Ans. Admission/ enrolment process is opened from time to time and for that purpose notice is published in newspapers.

  • Q. What is the refund policy in case of cancellation of booking.?
    Ans. The refund policy is as follows:-
    i) Before one week- 10% of booking amount will be deducted.
    ii) Within a week and before two days- 25% of booking amount will be deducted.
    iii) Within a week and before one days- 50% of booking amount will be deducted.
    iv) On the booked day- 100% of booking amount will be deducted.