Divisional Commissioner, Patna Division
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Patna Division


RTA Forms
1.   Form A.R.T.  (Record of turn-over for the period ending 31st Dec)
2.   Form C. Ad. A (Application for recording change of address)
3.   Form L.Ag. C.A. (Application for an agent's licence for collecting, forwarding or distributing of goods.)
4.   Form L.ag.D (Application for a duplicate agent's licence.)
5.   Form L. Ag.G.C.A. (Application for renewal of an agent's licence for collecting or distributing goods.)
6.   Form L.Ag.R (Application for renewal of an agent's licence for sale of tickets.)
7.   Form P.C.S.A. (Application for a Countersignature of a Permit.)
8.   Form P.C.S.D.2  (Application for a replacement of a vehicle covered by permit/countersignature)
9.   Form P.C.S.D. (Application for a duplicate permit/countersignature)
10. Form P.C.S.R. (Application for an agent's licence for sale of tickets.
11. Form P.Co. P.A. (Application for a contract carriage permit.)
12. Form P.Co. S.A. (Application for a permit in respect of stage carriage to be used as a contract carriage.)
13. Form P.Co.SP.A. (Application for a Special Permit.)
14. Form P.Pr.S.A. (Application for a private service vehicle permit.)
15. Form P. Pu.C.A. ( Application for a goods carriage permit. )
16. Form P.St. S.A. (Application for a stage carriage permit.)
17. Form P.Tem.A (Application for a Temporary Permit.)
18. Form Tr.P.A. (Application for a transfer of a permit/countersignature)

Other Forms