About Patna Division

    Patna Division is one of the oldest Divisions of the state. Patna, the capital of Bihar and the headquarters town of Patna Division, is situated on the south bank of Ganges at 250 37′ N and 850 10′ E.

    Three Commissionerships were created in 1829 out of the districts at present included in Bihar, Patna. The other was Saran Comprising the districts of Saran, Champaran, Tirhut and Shahabad and the third consisted of Bhagalpur (with Munghyr), Purnea and Maldah districts. Later, in 1834, however, the Saran Division was abolished and Patna District along with Shahabad was absorbed in the Patna Division. Another re-arrangement took place in 1855, when the creation of a new non-regulation district of the Santhal Pargana under the Bhagalpur Division led to the separation of Tirhut, which was placed under the Commissioner, Patna Division.

    At present Patna Division has six districts, which are Patna, Nalanda, Bhojpur, Buxar, Rohtas and Kaimur and area of the Patna Division is 16,960 sq. K.M. As per records available in the office Sir C.C. Stevens was the Commissioner of this division in the year 1890-91. Kumar Ravi is present commissioner of the division.