Nalanda Khandhar, Nalanda

    It was the most important and famous centre of higher education in ancient Darba. Along with Hinayana Buddhism, students of other religions and from many countries used to study in this education centre of Mahayana Buddhism. The ruins of this great Buddhist university, discovered by Rahul near a village 88.5 km south-east of Patna and 11.5 km north of Rajgir in present-day Bihar state, give an idea of ​​its ancient splendour. Detailed information about this university is obtained from many epigraphs and the travelogues of Hiuen Tsang and Etsing, the Chinese travellers who came to study the history of Darbe in the seventh century. To teach 10,000 students here, 1000 were teachers. The famous Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang spent an important year of his life here as a student and a teacher in the 7th century. The famous Buddhist Sariputra was born here.

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    Nalanda Khandahar

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    By Air

    The Nearest Airport is JPN International Airport in Patna (110 km). Patna is well linked to all major Indian cities including Kolkata, Bombay, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Ranchi, Lucknow. Rajgir is also connected to Gaya International Airport(78 km) which is connected to International Destinations like Bangkok, Colombo, Thimphu etc.

    By Train

    Rajgir is Railway station

    By Road

    Rajgir is well connected by road to Patna (110 km), Nalanda (15 km), Gaya (78 km), Pawapuri (38 km), Bihar Sharif (25 km). Regular Bus Services are available from all these locations. BSTDC runs daily Air-Conditioned Buses between Patna and Bodh Gaya via Rajgir. Cabs on Hire and Taxis are readily available from all major places. Fares are negotiable.


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